Other CI Providers Quickstart

Trunk Flaky Tests natively supports GitHub Actions. If you use a different CI provider, you can still use Trunk Flaky Tests with a few extra steps.

After running tests, you must upload your test results to Trunk. You can use the analytics uploader binary.

The trunk analytics uploader supports Linux x64. If you have another use case, please get in touch with support at https://slack.trunk.io.

  1. Create a CI job that runs the tests you want to monitor and produces a test report in JUnit XML format. Be careful that your test invocation doesn't use cached test results and doesn't automatically retry failing tests.

  2. After the test step, download and run the test uploader binary:

$ curl -fsSL --retry 3 "https://trunk.io/releases/analytics-cli/latest" -o ./trunk-analytics-uploader
$ chmod +x ./trunk-analytics-uploader
$ ./trunk-analytics-uploader upload \
    --junit-paths "${JUNIT_PATHS}" \
    --org-url-slug "${ORG_URL_SLUG}" \
    --token "${TOKEN}"

The trunk-analytics-uploader binary should be run from the repository root. If you need to run the binary from another location, you must provide the path to the repo root using the --repo-rootargument.

  1. To find your organization slug, you can open app.trunk.io. Once logged in, you should be automatically redirected to a URL like https://app.trunk.io/my-org-slug/repo-owner/repo-name/ci-analytics.

  2. You can find your Trunk token by navigating to Settings → Manage Organization → Organization API Token and clicking "View."

If you're interested in better understanding this binary or want to contribute to it, you can find the open source repo here.

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