Upgrading the Trunk CLI for new versions and features

Run trunk upgrade to update the Trunk CLI and all of your plugins linters, tools, and runtimes.

Upgrade Scopes

Upgrades can be filtered to different scopes by adding them to trunk upgrade <scopes>:


Only upgrade the Trunk CLI to the latest version.


Upgrade any plugins that you have sourced to their latest public release. The latest version must be compatible with your current cli version in order for the upgrade to be applied.


Upgrade any linters that you have enabled. Linters will be upgraded to the latest validated version that have passed tests in our plugins repo. Additional recommended linters can also be enabled by running with -y.


Upgrade any tools that you have enabled. Tools will be upgraded to their latest public release. Note that any enabled linters that share a name with an enabled tool must keep their versions synced.


Upgrade any runtimes that you have enabled. Runtimes will be upgraded to their recommended version for running linters, as specified by Trunk.

Automatic Upgrades

You can configure a GitHub workflow to automatically create PRs with the latest Trunk upgrades by following the instructions here. Note that this requires the creation of a privileged GitHub token in order to run necessary workflows on PRs.

When running locally, Trunk automatically checks for upgrades in the background on a regular cadence. You'll see notifications for these upgrades appear in the VSCode Extension or at the end of a trunk check run. To stop seeing these notifications, you can run trunk actions disable trunk-upgrade-available.

When running in single-player mode, Trunk will automatically upgrade itself in the background and stay up to date.

Pinning Versions

If you don't want a linter, tool, or runtime to be upgraded, you can pin its version by appending ! to the version in your .trunk/trunk.yaml. For example:

    - pylint@2.17.5!

Plugin Repos and user.yaml

By default, upgrades are only applied to your repo's .trunk/trunk.yaml. If you're using a plugin repo that enables linters/tools, or if you would like upgrades to be applied to your .trunk/user.yaml file, you can run trunk upgrade --apply-to <path> to see upgrades applied there.

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