Sharing Linters

Different ways to share linters between projects.

Single Repo

Linters are automatically shared with all developers for a repository using the .trunk/trunk.yaml file. This file is committed to the repo so whenever anyone else checks out the code they will get the same configuration, and therefore the same linters. See the Trunk YAML guide for more details.

Per User Config

If you wish to customize a linter for just one developer (say, disable a slow linter on a slow machine), you can create a per-user config in the .trunk/user.yaml file, which should *not* be committed to the repo. See the User YAML guide for more details.

Multiple Repos

If you wish to share linters between different repos, you can either copy the config manually, or create a shared Plugin repo. This is a set of configuration and code that is imported into the plugins section of a project's ./trunk/trunk.yaml See the Plugins guide for more details.

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