Markdownlint is a linter for Markdown.

You can enable the Markdownlint linter with:

trunk check enable markdownlint

Auto Enabling

Markdownlint will be auto-enabled if any Markdown files are present.


Markdownlint supports the following config files:

  • .markdownlint.json

  • .markdownlint.yaml

  • .markdownlint.yml

  • .markdownlintrc

  • .markdownlint-cli2.json

  • .markdownlint-cli2.yaml

  • .markdownlint-cli2.jsonc

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info. Trunk check provides a default .markdownlint.yaml if your project does not already have one.

Usage Notes

Older versions of markdownlint had a bug where it printed plaintext output even when run with --json. We rely on JSON output so we can parse and ingest the results from markdownlint. The package we use for markdownlint is actually markdownlint-cli >= 0.29.0 is verified to work.

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