Pylint is a linter for Python.

You can enable the Pylint linter with:

trunk check enable pylint

Auto Enabling

Pylint will be auto-enabled if any of its config files are present: pylintrc, .pylintrc.


Pylint supports the following config files:

  • pylintrc

  • .pylintrc

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info.

Usage Notes

You may specify additional pylint plugins in your .pylintrc, using the line load-plugins=...

If you want to run the plugin pylint-django as part of your setup, you would add the line load-plugins=pylint_django to your .pylintrc, but you also need to tell trunk to install the package:

- pylint@2.11.0:
      - pylint-django@2.4.4

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