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Automate your code quality enforcement with just a few clicks.

Connect your Trunk organization to GitHub

Sign up at, create a Trunk organization, and connect it to your repositories.

Set Up Trunk Check

(optional) Configure Slack Notifications

Use it!

Ensure that PRs are free of issues

Check out this example in our plugins repository!
Trunk Check identifying a security issue in one of Trunk's own repositories

Explore issues in your repository

Trunk Check showing all the issues present in trunk-demo1/sass

Get Slack notifications about new issues in your repository

Not only do our daily scans allow you to browse and triage the issues that exist in your repository, but they can also notify you when new security issues are discovered in packages that you already depend on.
Slack notification showing newly discovered issues with rustls-webpki in trunk-io/trunk

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If you don't host your source code on GitHub, then we recommend you set up Trunk locally.