List of major components of Trunk Check

Trunk Binary

The trunk binary is a native executable that contains all the client-side code required to run trunk check, trunk actions, and local trunk merge commands.

Trunk Launcher

The Trunk Launcher is a bash script that enables users to easily switch between multiple versions of trunk. The Trunk Launcher will read a repo's pinned version of trunk from .trunk/trunk.yaml, download the matching binary to cache and run that executable. This ensures that all users of trunk in a repo are using the same version.

The launcher can be installed on a machine (/usr/local/bin) or committed in your repository (e.g. in a tools/ directory).


As needed trunk will download and cache components onto a machine for use. The cache will contain the trunk binary itself (including multiple versions as needed by the machine), the linters/actions enabled in trunk-managed repositories, and the requisite runtimes needed to run those tools. The location of the Trunk cache is user configurable and honors the following environment variables:


  • $XDG_CACHE_HOME/trunk

  • $HOME/.cache/trunk

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