Glob Path Pattern

Path pattern specification

Path patterns in Trunk configuration are always relative to the repo root. Every pattern may contain one or more path segments. Each path segment is separated by a /. A single * is treated as a segment level wildcard. It will match any substring in the segment (including the empty string) and excluding the directory separator /. The * wildcard may appear multiple times in a single path segment. A double ** is even broader; it will match zero or more complete path segments and must appear exclusively in it's own segment (i.e. **/foo is legal syntax whereas foo**/bar is not).

├── bar
│   ├── hello.cpp
│   ├── h.cpp
│   ├──
│   ├── zap
│   │    ├── hi.png
├── foo
│   ├── file.txt

Some examples:

  • bar non-recursively matches every file in the directory bar/, including bar/hello.cpp, bar/h.cpp, and bar/, but not bar/zap/hi.png

  • foo/bar.txt matches only a single file named bar.txt in the foo subdirectory

  • foo/*.txt matches every file in the foo subdirectory that ends with .txt

  • bar/h*.c* matches every files in the bar subdirectory that starts with an h and also contains the substring .c, including bar/hello.cpp and bar/h.cpp, but not bar/

  • bar/** recursively matches every file in the directory bar, including bar/hello.cp as well as bar/zap/hi.png

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