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GitHub Actions Quickstart


Your CI machine needs to have the following tools installed:
  • Bash,
  • Curl
You will need to have ports open for:

Create a trunk organization

To use the CI Debugger, you must first create a trunk organization. See this document for detailed instructions.

Create a breakpoint in the trunk app

Setup your Organization API Token

In order for the CI Debugger to communicate with the trunk web app, it needs to be able to authenticate from the GitHub Action instance to the trunk web application.

Store your Organization Token as a GitHub Secret

Wrap one of your GitHub steps in a trunk breakpoint

Now for the magic 🪄. Open an existing GitHub Action and wrap one of your existing steps with a trunk breakpoint like this (example here):
name: Pull Request
- pull_request
name: Test
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Checkout
uses: actions/checkout@v2
- name: Testing
uses: trunk-io/breakpoint@v1
breakpoint-id: {INSERT_YOUR_BREAKPOINT_ID} [1]
run: ./
trunk-token: ${{ secrets.TRUNK_TOKEN }} [3]
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