Get Started

Step 1: Install Trunk

To use trunk locally, run:

curl -fsSL | bash

For other installation options (npm, brew, direct download, etc) and details on exactly what we install or how to uninstall, see the Install Trunk doc.

Step 2: Initialize Trunk in a git repo

From the root of a git repo, run:

trunk init

This will bring you into a flow to start getting results from Trunk Check. For more details, see here.

Step 3: Sign up for a Trunk account (optional)

Sign up for a Trunk account, then run:

trunk login

To use Trunk Merge and certain other Trunk features, you'll need an account on, but Trunk Check and Trunk Actions can be used entirely locally without depending on hosted services or having a Trunk account.

Help & Feedback

Join the Trunk Slack Community for help and to give feedback (more info).