Using the WebApp

The web app offers detailed information about pull requests, the state of the merge graph, and more.
The web app can be found at

Graph Overview

The queue tab provides an overview of the work done by the Merge Graph. Merged, testing, and pending PRs should all appear here. Clicking on a row will show the history of that item: click "view more history" to get a better understanding of the item.
The "view more history" link navigates you to the details page.

PR Details

A PR details page will display a complete history of a PR - state transitions, associated test runs, etc. We also offer the uploaded impacted targets for a particular PR, and a resubmit button.

Graph Visualization

The current Merge Graph. Each node in the graph is a pull request, and each edge indicates that the pull request is testing with the item above. All edges point towards the target branch; as items merge, the graph restructures.


A tabulated view of all the items that have failed in the MergeGraph, e.g. due to testing.