Detekt is a linter for Kotlin.

detekt is composed of several linter commands.

detekt runs detekt with the built-in default config and any overrides in .detekt.yaml.

You can enable the detekt linter with:

trunk check enable detekt

detekt-explicit disables the default config and uses .detekt.yaml as the source of truth.

You can enable the detekt-explicit linter with:

trunk check enable detekt-explicit

detekt-gradle runs detekt using Gradle. Only use if you already are using Gradle for the rest of your build setup.

You can enable the detekt-gradle linter with:

trunk check enable detekt-gradle

Auto Enabling

Detekt will never be auto-enabled. It must be enabled manually.


Detekt supports the following config files:

  • .detekt.yaml

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info.

Usage Notes

Detekt is usually invoked through gradle, which allows specifying additional configuration in build.gradle. We do not yet automatically parse your Gradle scripts to infer your detekt configuration; instead, what we do is this:

  • detekt invokes detekt-cli with the --build-upon-default-config flag (this appears to be more common than the alternative).

  • detekt-explicit invokes detekt-cli without the --build-upon-default-config flag.

You will also need to provide a valid detekt config as .detekt.yaml (an empty .detekt.yaml is valid, if you don't want to configure detekt). If you already have a detekt config, then you can symlink it like so:

ln -s path/to/existing/detekt-config.yml .detekt-config.yaml

To use ./gradlew detekt to invoke Detekt, you can add detekt-gradle@SYSTEM to your enabled list. Note that since you're running Detekt via Gradle, you should also add the paths to your Detekt configurations to direct_configs, e.g.

direct_configs: ["lib/detekt.yaml"]

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