Flake8 is a linter for Python.

You can enable the Flake8 linter with:

trunk check enable flake8

Auto Enabling

Flake8 will be auto-enabled if a .flake8 config file is present.


Flake8 supports the following config files:

  • .flake8

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info. Trunk check provides a default .flake8 if your project does not already have one.

Usage Notes

Flake8 has a plugin architecture where if you install a plugin, it gets used. You can enable Flake8 plugins via:

  - flake8@3.9.2:
        - flake8-bugbear@21.4.3

flake8-bugbear is probably the most popular flake8 plugin, we recommend it!. Here are a few other popular flake8 plugins you should consider.

  • flake8-comprehensions: Helps in identifying unnecessary comprehensions in your code.

  • flake8-docstrings: Checks for compliance with Python docstring conventions.

  • flake8-import-order: Checks the order of your imports according to various configurable ordering styles.

Here's an updated code snippet with the above Plugins enabled:

  - flake8@3.9.2:
        - flake8-bugbear@21.4.3
        - flake8-docstrings@1.7.0
        - flake8-import-order@0.18.2
        - flake8-comprehensions@3.14.0

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