Gitleaks is a linter for All.

You can enable the Gitleaks linter with:

trunk check enable gitleaks

Auto Enabling

Gitleaks will be auto-enabled if any of its config files are present: .gitleaks.config, .gitleaks.toml, .gitleaksignore.


Gitleaks supports the following config files:

  • .gitleaks.config

  • .gitleaks.toml

  • .gitleaksignore

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info.

Usage Notes

Gitleaks v7 only works with Go 1.16, not Go 1.18 while Gitleaks v8 works with 1.18. We recommend using v8, but if you specifically need to use v7 you can override the go runtime version like so:

    - go@1.16.7

Again, this is not recommended. Just use Gitleaks v8 or later with go 1.18 or later.

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