Prettier is a formatter for CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, JSON, Markdown, TypeScript, GraphQL and YAML.

You can enable the Prettier formatter with:

trunk check enable prettier

Auto Enabling

Prettier will be auto-enabled if any Typescript, Yaml, Css, Sass, Html, Markdown, Json, Javascript, Graphql or Prettier_supported_configs files are present.


Prettier supports the following config files:

  • .prettierrc

  • .prettierrc.json

  • .prettierrc.yml

  • .prettierrc.yaml

  • .prettierrc.json5

  • .prettierrc.js

  • .prettierrc.cjs

  • .prettierrc.mjs

  • prettier.config.js

  • prettier.config.cjs

  • prettier.config.mjs

  • .prettierrc.toml

  • .prettierignore

You can move these files to .trunk/configs and trunk check will still find them. See Moving Linter Configs for more info.

Usage Notes

By default, Trunk uses Prettier to autoformat many languages/config formats, including markdown. To line wrap within markdown, you need to set the following in your Prettier config .prettierrc.yaml, etc.

proseWrap: always

You may also want to configure printWidth to your liking.

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