Troubleshooting and FAQ

My PR is testing in my Merge Queue but it doesn't look like my required status checks are being triggered?

Solution: Most likely you did not set up the required status checks to trigger for trunk-merge/ branches. It is also possible that your CI provider just randomly never started testing on the Trunk Merge branch, even after setting the required status checks to trigger. To assist with this, you can configure a testing timeout.

My PR appears to be ready but isn't entering the Merge Queue?

First, check the Trunk UI where it shows what Trunk is waiting on before putting your PR into the merge queue. (screenshot)

Next, if something on that page doesn't look right (for example, it says that GitHub is still checking the merge-ability of the PR), comment /trunk merge again in the PR.

My PR is constantly failing when it starts testing because of "GitHub errors".

Most likely you have a branch protection rule that is affecting Merge branches. For example, the wild card rule */* applies to trunk-merge/.... The Trunk GitHub app does not have admin privileges, so it fails to do some actions on protected branches. To resolve, you must remove this rule or reach out to Trunk on our community Slack if that is not possible.

My PR is constantly failing when attempting to merge it

The two most likely problems are that you are restricting who can merge, or that you have disabled squash merges into your repo. Trunk Merge needs to use squash merges. To fix this turn on 'allow squash merges' for this repo in your GitHub setup.

How do I know if I'm running a legacy merge queue?

Look for the 'Graph' tab in the UI. If you can see it then you are using the new version.

Why do Dependabot and Renovate PRs keep getting kicked from the Merge Queue?

By default, both dependabot and renovate both will rebase their PRs whenever other PRs merge into their base branch. If that rebase happens when those PRs are in the queue, they will get kicked since they were updated. There are two ways to mitigate this:

  1. Both dependabot and renovate can be configured to not automatically rebase, while renovate can specifically be configured to only rebase if there's a merge conflict (dependabot, renovate)

  2. Their PRs can be manually merged, and anything currently in the merge queue will restart with those merged changes

I have an emergency PR that needs to merge right now. How can I do that?

To merge a PR in the event of an emergency, you can just merge the PR directly though GitHub as you normally would. The merge queue will restart everything it is currently testing to account for the new head of the merge branch.

We currently have other features planned to help with this, so stay tuned!

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