Common reference points about Trunk Merge

Submitting and Cancelling Pull Requests

We offer a few mechanisms for submitting a PR for to the Merge Graph:

  • Posting a GitHub comment /trunk merge on a pull request.

  • Ticking the checkbox in the Trunk comment on a pull request.

  • Clicking the "Retry" button on the WebApp.

  • Using the trunk CLI:

trunk login
trunk merge <pr-number>

We offer similar commands for cancellation.

  • Posting a GitHub comment /trunk cancel on a pull request.

  • Cancellation from the WebApp:

  • Using the trunk CLI:

trunk login
trunk merge cancel <pr-number>

Pull Request Processing

Once a PR is submitted to the merge queue it goes through several states. First it starts as Not Ready until all of the required conditions to submit it are met. Once ready, the PR moves to the Pending state, waiting for a Merge Queue to pick it up, and then enters the Testing state. Once the tests pass the PR may still need to wait for upstream PRs. Once any upstream PRs are complete the PR will be merged and then removed from the Merge Queue. If a PR fails or is canceled then it will go to the failed or canceled state.

PR States

A PR's lifecycle in the Merge Queue goes through the following states:


Not Ready

The PR was submitted to Trunk Merge, but the PR isn't eligible for merging yet. Impacted targets may not be uploaded, or readiness checks may not have passed.


The MergeGraph created a node for the PR. Testing will begin if the graph has capacity.


The PR is testing. Required status checks that Trunk Merge must gate on before merging PRs can be specified with in .trunk/trunk.yaml or through GitHub branch protection rules as the "Status checks that are required" before merging on your merge branch

Tests Passed

The PR successfully passed tests. It may have to wait for upstream PRs to complete tests before merging.

Pending Failure

The PR failed tests. The cause of failures is still indeterminate - it may be due to an upstream PR, or due to the current PR. It will wait until the root cause of tests has been determined, and restart testing on your PR if due to an upstream PR. If you want to manually restart a failed PR, see manually restarting PRs.


The PR successfully merged into the target branch. It will be removed from the queue.


The PR caused a testing failure. It will be removed from the queue.


The PR was cancelled, e.g. /trunk cancel. It will be removed from the queue.

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